csolve - autosolver for many cipher types


csolve -file filename -type type ?-period period? ?-scoretype type? ?-language language? ?-stepinterval interval? ?-addspace?


csolve -file filename -type type ?-period period? ?-scoretype type? ?-language language? ?-stepinterval interval? ?-addspace?
csolve is an autosolver for cipher types that implement solve subcommands. This currently includes:

Periodic ciphers must have a period specified on the command line. The csolve program does not iterate through all possible periods. Cipher types whose period is fixed based on the cipher length do not need periods specified. These include cadenus and nitrans.

The format for the input file is simple. It should contain only the ciphertext. It may be split up across multiple lines, separated into 5-character groups, etc. Any invalid characters in the ciphertext will be silently ignored.

csolve produces an output file called filename.csol. The contents of this file are identical to the contents that are printed to the screen. If a file with the same name already exists it is silently overwritten.

csolve sets the -stepinterval, -stepcommand, and -bestfitcommand options for the cipher before solving so that you get some useful feedback while it's running. By watching this progress you can get an estimate on how long it will take to complete.

The default scoring method is to use a sum-of-logs-of-digram-frequencies table. This can be changed to any scoring method supported by the score command. The -language option is used to load a scoring table for the specified language, if such a scoring table exists.

The -addspace option will attempt to locate word boundaries after the final solution has been found. This can be a time and memory intensive process on older computers so it is turned off by default.

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