nicsolve - autosolver for nicodemus ciphers


nicsolve -file filename -encoding encoding -period period ?-scoretype type? ?-language language? ?-stepinterval interval? ?-addspace?


nicsolve -file filename -encoding vigenere|variant|beaufort -period period ?-scoretype type? ?-language language? ?-stepinterval interval? ?-addspace?
nicsolve is an autosolver for nicodemus ciphers.

This program will loop through every possible permutation of columns for the nicodemus cipher and then perform a frequency fit on each column. The resulting plaintext that maximizes the plaintext scoring function is reported as the best solution.

The default scoring method is to use a sum-of-logs-of-digram-frequencies table. This can be changed to any scoring method supported by the score command. The -language option is used to load a scoring table for the specified language, if such a scoring table exists.

The -addspace option will attempt to locate word boundaries after the final solution has been found. This can be a time and memory intensive process on older computers so it is turned off by default.

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